vrh A, *16. 6. 2009

ICh. Kebec´s
Canadian Trader
Ch. Jo-Bea´s
Diamond Trader
Ch. Mardon´s
Diamond Dust
Ch. Jo-Bea´s Diamond Cutter
Ch. Mardon´s Poker Run
Ch. Jo-Bea´s
Sunny Side Up
Ch. Palm Hill´s Krugerand
Jo-Bea´s Winter Mist
Ch. Larmaro´s
Kebecs Can Can Dancer
Ch. Hi-top´s
Flash Dancer
Ch. Kaplar´s Citizen Kane
Hi-top´s Amber Samba
Party Charmer
Ch. Larmaro´s Norlys Jordane
Countrydream´s Just For Keeps
Ch. Best Of
Charming Line
Truly Yours
Like An Angel
ICh. Glenmurray´s
Dusty Miller
Ch. Glenmurray´s Solid Black
Ch. Karga´s Flash Dancer
Ch. Candida´s
Vanity Fair
Ch. Glenmurray´s Hang Em High
ICh. Waverly Weslie
Ch. Ulgreis Girls
Ch. Irschad Gold
ICh. Lydgate Yankee Ranger Emeny
Ch. Gefre Danako
New Gold Star
Akyn z Ružovej doliny
Norman Princes New Emeny

10 mesiacov / 10 months old

World cocker show Bratislava, 10. 10. 2009, baby class

s ockom Jimmym / with father Jimmy, august 2009

7 tř×dnov / 7 weeks old

6 tř×dnov / 6 weeks old

4 tř×dne / 4 weeks old

18 dnÝ / 18 days old

18 dnÝ / 18 days old

14 dnÝ / 14 days old

5 dnÝ / 5 days old